(twelve) dresses project

The former sewing table.  That's where the magic happened!

Hi friends!  Here's a mad recap of my attempt to make a dress a month for a year and blog about it.  I made it to only nine dresses, but I wouldn't say I failed.  More that I moved across country and fell off the bandwagon.  It was a fun time, and I got some fun recognition from The Budget Fashionista and a plushie fetish site (which I will not link too, but I assure you they did enjoy pictures of me in my dinosaur costume).

Now I'm ready to move on and talk about other things, things that will allow me to change my crafty indulgence as I am wont to do. As I admitted in my very first "About Me", I stick with a craft du jour for about six months at a time before bailing and moving on to the next.  So again, this blog is not a failure.  I consider nine months at something a personal best.  Since dressmaking it's been furniture repair and building, home improvements, and I have upholstery on the horizon.  Oh!  Duh.  And a baby on the way.

It's been" scrapped"...get it?

But I can't leave the dresses without their proper due. I still enjoy sewing, and wear many of these dresses proudly to this day.  I also don't want to erase the great sewing community I found online through Pattern Review, and fellow sew-er/bloggers like A Sewn Wardrobe, Adventures in Dressmaking, the famous Gertie, the wonderful Peter and many, many more.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention my good friend, cheerleader, and collaborator Lauren too whose friendship was a huge part of this process. *Sniff*, this blog was a lot of fun.

Hope you'll stick around and see where that takes me, and in the mean time, let me step aside and let fashion speak for itself:

Ninth Dress (April 2011)

Eighth Dress (March 2011)

Seventh Dress - UNFINISHED- February 2011

Sixth Dress (December 2010 & January 2011)
Fifth Dress (November 2010)

Fourth Dress (October 2010)

Third Dress (September 2010)

Second Dress REMIX! (August 2010)

Second Dress (August 2010)

First Dress (July 2010)