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Well, you know one thing about me already.  I like dresses, and I like to make dresses.  Why?  Well, contrary to popular dress lore I find them to be the least fussy of all the clothes: dresses don't have to match anything but themselves.  (Though I'm sure it also helps that I believe shoes do not have to match your outfit.  I prefer to call this approach "fashion forward", rather than "fashion victim".  In light of that generous opinion of myself, though, I will fully confess to having zero aptitude for hair and makeup.)

 Other than dresses though, you may be wont to wonder what else I do to fill my time.  Well, I do a little of everything.  What else do you expect from a twenty-something? UPDATE: a still barely twenty-something?


I am a certified novice crafter, having completed six months self-training in each of the following unaccredited programs offered by Google and hosted on my Living Room Couch: jewelry making, polymer clay sculpting, wood block, writing, gardening, crocheting, quilt making, interior design, photography...and more!

I'm originally from Virginia, but call Madison, Wisconsin home for now.  I thoroughly enjoy the spotting the regionalism that still exists in this country.  (Fried cheese curds, anyone?)  Madison is great and I highly recommend a prolonged visit while the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun.

I graduated college with a degree in Art History and without a single, concrete plan except for sticking with the man I love.  So far that's working out pretty well.  Matt is a wonderful husband who naturally delves headfirst and usually headlong into interesting things.  He's an inspiration in that way.  (Check out some of his goodies here.)  My favorite thing to do with him was to towel whip him.  However, that was banned in 2005 with the Whip Heard Round the World.  (Point, Sandy.) Now my favorite things to do with him are all the new things we try to do.

As for the rest of the family, I'm grateful for all sides of it, mine and Matt's.  Most of our family is on the east coast, but there is a sudden Midwestern Outpost too: my kick ass brother lives in Chicago.  I talk to my parents at least three times a week.  Even more exciting?  This winter, I'll become an auntie for the first time.  Last December I became an auntie to the cutest baby alive.

photo credit Pappa-razzi
I have wonderful and tolerant friends.  I can only imagine they are exactly the type of people for whom "distance makes the heart grow fonder" since I've moved far away from many of them, and yet I still receive their Christmas cards.  The friends who do live close are equally amazing.  Many of them are my roller derby girls, where I am known less for my dressmaking skills and more for my bony hips and foul mouth.  I would also be lost without my friends that defy these classifications (though also familiar with this foul mouth of/with which I speak).  Lauren, in particular, gets a lot of credit on this blog.

Other things?  I now consider myself a full grown adult since as of this morning not only have I bought a house, I have also refinanced it...Produce sections are truly like food porn for me...I'm so comfortable with routine that I don't mind watching the same season of 30 Rock for hours on end...Speaking of routine, I recently learned that I get a little grouchy when my exercise routine falls off...I work at an esteemed chocolate shop, and though it is the pinnacle of dark chocolate delights I would be much more dangerous in a potato chip shop...I have been known to stalk you on facebook without provocation...I have been known to snort when I laugh...and, finally, I have been known to--on occasion--post a picture on this blog that does not in anyway help you see the dress I'm making any better, but it does make my butt look good.

So that's my nutshell.  Back to the dresses...

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  1. Thank you for being an inspiration. Make me so much more confident in knowing i can do it too for my sewing projects. Happy Sewing!



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