Nesting Boxes, or Cubes, or whatever.....

I hinted at another sewing project in the last post.

In addition to elves, I also tried sewing some other toys.  Before the time of Elves, it was the time of nesting boxes from the same book that had the instructions for the Spectrum Quilt:

This book has a lot of great easy things, BUT--for me--nesting boxes were not one of them.  In the book they look like perfect little tissue boxes all in graduated sizes.  My expectations were high.

Image from hazelnutgirl.blogspot.com
But when I made mine, they looked like hot floppy wonkiness.  The interfacing was not as stiff as it would like you to believe, the corners didn't crisp, the pins were stabbing me left and right when I turned them out.  And since I am not a precise sewing, insetting one cube inside another is a terrible, terrible idea.  Ugh, and only I will know the amount of double sided interfacing paper that didn't peel off after ironing and is sewn between the layers for all eternity.  Blech.

So after two, I quit!  But I had cut sooooo many squares.  You see, I got ahead of myself and thought I would sew an extra set for my nephew on the way too.  That did not go as planned, and when I threw in the towel, I still had all this stuff:

"Heavy Duty Interfacing" my ass.
So now what?  Well, when life gives you lots of cut up squares, you make cubes:

Slap a sixth side together, throw a little stuffing in there....ermagad!  So much easier.  And this, friend, is the project that taught me how to stuff toys and led me to the elves.  If I had had jingle bells, I would have put a few in some of the cubes, but do you realize it's hard to find jingle bells for sale outside of the Christmas season?  Supply and Demand is a funnily specific animal.

So now I have tons of cubes, our baby is set.  Our nephew has a few coming his way.  And my scrap pile has been reduced yet again. Including some of this awesome fabric I stole from my mom's stash maybe back in high school:

Mommy like.

Some of the scrap I used was from some upholstery projects I did so I worry once the cubes get covered in baby drool and I drop them in the wash they will come out looking funky and wonky too.  But if they do......I bet they will make the nesting boxes look awesome by comparison.


  1. *Cough* Baby pictures??? Did you have a pink one or a blue one??

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