Rather than finding a daycare or pediatrician or packing for the inevitable hospital trip which is mere weeks away, I have been nesting by sewing.  And I'm here now to show off my latest project: The Three Little Elves.

Scratching your head trying to remember that fairy tale?  Well, stop it, because it doesn't exist.  It's a real life tale about me and my friends Lauren and Nicole.  You may remember Nicole from this guest blogging stint, and Lauren from her own lovely blog.  Each are on to more professional endeavors (Little Nut Crafts and Lauren Ann Paul) and in spite of their expertise, I've sewed them some slapdash elves anyway.  Enjoy my lack of hand sewing and new adventures into lumpy plush doll making, ladies!!!!

You see, in the last year (or so) we've all gotten pregnant and all had/will have little girls.  I thought it would be fun if our little ladies had a similar toy.  Play dates while miles apart, just for shits and adorable giggles.

Skinny little elves
Yep, I spent the better part of this afternoon scratching my cole slaw craving and sewing elf legs and arms.  Sounds creepy, huh?

I found the idea for the elves here and just could not resist their little faces.  There's a free pdf template for the little buggers (though not hard to recreate without the download).  I used plush for the face and limbs and I patchworked some scrap fabric for the super tall hat and round little bodies.  It was very easy to do, and fun.  After all, this project combines my two crafty loves: sewing and embroidery.

I chose the "singing face" for these little elves, which is really more of a talking face because Nicole, Lauren and I would get together and gab a lot.  In fact...........

*we met over breakfast a LOT.

Okay, so I tried to incorporate the Orange Elf into this dialogue, but any writer will tell you dialogue is hard to write....besides.  This little one is orange, its arm is positioned in a particular way...maybe like a fist pump?  It's almost as if it's saying.....

God, please forgive me for that.

So, I've shipped these little angels off to the thawing tundra of Madison, WI with the confident hope that all our girls will love them and keep us connected.  Lauren and Nicole, hope you got the ones you wanted and your baby girls enjoy!

Oh!  And there's a little clue to another sewing project I've been working on above:

Oh those nesting boxes.....Stay tuned!


  1. AHH! I LOVE them! Can't wait for my mail carrier to get here! I like how in image two it looks like they just had a baby (deflated and umm...). I really just wrote that...sorry. Miss you dear!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you do :) In the mail yesterday. I won't tell you which one I sent you though.

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