Spectrum Quilt

Hey y'all, I'm back.  What, a week goes by and you thought I left you again?  We really have to work through these abandonment issues you have.  I've just been knee deep in new car shopping and Madison tripping.  Yes, dear friends, last weekend I was in Madison: watching roller derby, catching up with awesome friends (some of them meeting their babies for the first time!) and eating at my favorite restaurants. I hope to have a recap soon.  But right now it's easier to talk about another saddle I've gotten back on: sewing!

Completely generously and by surprise, my friend Gracie sent me a book of baby sewing projects.  It was just the thing I needed to break that year and a half streak of strictly utilitarian sewing.  The book is called  Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby by Anna Maria Horner and it is filled. to. the. BRIM! with adorable projects.  I decided to now start small and, you know, make my first quilt (first solo endeavor at least, love ya Mom!).  Thar she blows:

It's called the Hide and Seek Spectrum Quilt.  The fun part is that each window opens and reveals a coordinating patterned fabric for baby to find:

Fun fact!  The orange and the dark blue squares are from dresses Seven and Five, respectively.  The patterns feature leaves and birds and flowers and....enhance...ENHANCE.....let's look as some other favorite squares:

A girl's got to know: Go Pack Go!

Secrets!: An old pair of Matt's boxers
...but in spite of the source material, the plan is to use this as a play mat for the little one.

It was very quick to pull together.  In fact, I did it in one day from start to finish (including prewash).  Cutting the pieces was tedious, but you quilters must love that because that's kind of a big part of this whole quilting thing.  I understand that now *inhale...exhale* and will be better prepared next time.

The only other pain was that I had to change thread colors a lot.  For instance, this is what the quilted border looks like:

Ooooh, pretty.  And bobbin-y.  Yes, the largest expense other than the batting was the back up bobbins I needed to purchase.  And that's true.  This quilt is super cheap to make if you have a well-nourished stash:

So if you decide to raid your own stash and make this quilt (and I recommend you do!) you may want to consider a few fun extras...you can make each patterned square more texturey by adding rickrack or use fleece.  (I have upholstery fabric and swiss dots for some of mine because that's what I had.)  You could even recycle some clean food wrappers or a heavy plastic to sew into the windows for the patterned fabric to make them more "crinkley".  Kids love that stuff.

I'll admit the corner I cut in this quilt was the hand quilting.  The final dimension of the whole thing is about a four foot square, so I could still feed it through the machine, and I happily did.  I thought I might regret not being "true" to the spirit of quilting, but then I thought about the first time baby girl or one of her adorable cousins might spit or poop on this thing and I was glad to save the handiwork.  Happy Sewing!


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