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*Mwah*!  *Mwah*!  I'm back.  Happy Monday!  A lot has changed since I last posted to (twelve) dresses, if the last post there didn't give that away.  Yep, in the summer of 2011 the hubbs and I were packing up our precious first home in Madison, Wisconsin and moving back to North Carolina.  I won't get into the ins and outs of that decision making process right now, but it was (and sometimes is still) difficult.  We knew all along we left in spite of having a great life there, not running away in search of one.

Lucky Strike Tower, Durham NC
So now, here we are!  Settling in in Durham, in the Bull City.  The land of tobacco and a young Kevin Costner, kickstarting this old new blog (to use the parlance of our times).  I never did finish those twelve dresses (I got to nine) and I don't have the awesome blonde streak in my hair that I used to.  I also don't play derby anymore.  But I do have a few other new and exciting things going on, which I'm excited to share.

About that, this blog is going to move away from being a sewing blog and more about life and other random projects.  Hey, I was honest in my original "About Me" and said I have a history of perfected and then hastily abandoned crafty interests.  Turns out I know myself really well.  But there's still a lot of making and doing going on around here, and I might need your help sorting some of it out.  So sorry for the old "one, TWO!", but I hope you'll still stick around because we have fun, don't we?  I still love ya, baby.

The (twelve) dress project has a place of history and honor in the "In Summary" section to the right. You'll see the tagline (to the left) has also changed to include a healthy dose of honesty.  Other tweaks to the blog layout and content coming too.  A year and a half is a long time to make changes.  And a "Hi, World!  I'm back on the internets!" blog post is too teeny tiny small to explain them all, so stay tuned for the 'splaining to come 'round.

It feels good to be back.

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