First Big Project #1

Wow, two posts in 2013 so far.  That's 200% more that 2012, I'd say I'm off to a good start and should take the rest of the day off.....

Just kidding.  This one's too good to wait.

Second post and it's been a year and a half since we've chatted!  We have some catching up to do.  Time to reveal one of three big new projects of 2012-13 for this now casual sew-er.   I made it through nine measly dresses with my crazy sewing blog goal, but now I have my eyes on a larger prize.  Instead of nine dresses, I'm now over halfway through nine months of my largest project to date.  The Matt and I are having our first baby!

Yep, that's our sweet little girl at 20 weeks.  Whoa.  I love this picture because we were totally not expecting 3D pictures and were so surprised when the technician flipped the switch and we could see our daughter sucking and moving (and man, is she a mover).  You'd think having a baby would be an excuse to take things easy, move things off your plate, but I'm excited to add this blog to the mix and chat up some momma stuff with you.  Besides, Matt has already made it clear that I am now the #2 woman in his life now.  I need to feed the ego somewhere.

Exhibit A: Proud Papa
Now, if you were starting to get excited/nauseous that this was going to turn into a "parenting blog", you have no reason to squeal/reach for a paper bag to puke in just yet.  I'm still an adult human and like all adult humans, I have varied interests which you will be forced to listen to: house stuff, craft stuff, work stuff, (spoiler alert!) school stuff, and also, eventually, this "parenting" stuff of which I speak.  Welcome, baby girl!

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  1. Congratulations! I remember being in your shoes 23 years ago. I just ran across your blog and am enjoying getting acquainted with it. I also love the quilt! Great job. Dinah


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