Big Project #2

Aside from the human baby, Matt and I have another baby we're working on: our new house.  After one rejected offer then a decision between the put together house in a neighborhood full of people our age versus a fixer-upper in a neighborhood of octagenarians, we chose.......the octagenarians!

Yes, we bought a butter and baby blue *shudder* ranch house that needed someone who loved it enough to banish fake wood paneling from its being.  Our mantra?  But it has sooo much potential!  Our reality?  We have been finding precious surprises about it ever since:

A backyard filled with so many tchotchkes my sister-in-law named it "Narnia"?

A broken dishwasher from the '80s hardplumbed into the house?
A roach problem?

Two fire place flues that exposed the tender wooden frame of our new home?
A yard full of dead trees that lean precariously over our bedroom.
All the hot and cold faucets connected backwards so hot is cold and cold is hot?  
So far we've found these smaller hiccups to be manageable via (in order)...
the dump,
a hacksaw followed by a plumber,

better living through chemicals,
a seedy old fireplace repair man called "Beetlejuice",
tree removal service almost followed by small claims court,
aaaaaaaaaannnnd being lazy and living with it!  You're welcome unknowing house guests!
(Oh!  And here's the part where I skip over mentioning the foundation problems because I don't want a lecture....Yippeeeeee!)

Paint and elbow grease go a long way too and I will look forward to bragging about some of our improvements as the blog goes on.  We're finally completed a lot of infrastructure-y and detail stuff and are now dealing with the "fun" of having moved from a 720 square foot home in our beloved Madison to a 2100 square foot home that echoes because of lack of furniture.  First world problems.

And (for those sewing blog hanger-on-ers!) I do have a sewing space set up in the new house, but unbelievably the sewing machine has only been used to sew curtains and repair Matt's heavy duty wood splitting gloves.  Yes, much like the Bounty paper towel man I imagine, my man splits wood.  My husband is awesome.


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