And finally, Big Project #3

Ten points to Griffyndor if you know what this picture is all about!*  If you guessed "Sandy's Organic Chemistry Homework", your points are awarded thusly. 

*Sorry, just now reading Harry Potter.  I know, way behind.

Yes, the third big project of the last year is my return to school. I know I'm going backwards in excitement level...baby to new house to school?  Well excuoooooze me for not being Steven King, Master of Mystery and Suspense.  I'm just a girl from Virginia who is definitely four chemistry classes smarter than the last time we met.  You noticed, didn't you?  *ahem* Straight "A"s, bizzes. 

So, why the return to school?  Well, I've said it for years and I guess turning 30 was just the swift kick in the pants I needed to stop talking and start doing.  I started back this fall to get my prerequisites out of the way so I can apply to grad school and then become a Nutritionist.  Sound like a lot of steps?  Well, it is!  And who knows how long it will take me!

So, how does this work?  Well, I am working full time by day and taking class part time classes by night.  Although this semester I am taking a little "gestation vacation" but plan on returning in the summer or fall again.  Oh, and I also plan on making you listen to me worry about baby time versus school time when the time comes.  See, it's started already.  What fun.

But so far, I love it.  First of all, girls can do and love science.  Just in case you believe the rumors going around that say otherwise.  And secondly, nutrition makes something in me tick like few other things do.  The link between childhood obesity and poor access to health care for low-income families???  Probably not something most people get excited about, but it is if it's something you want to improve and help people understand!  Word to ya' adequate access and smart decision making motha'.


So, yeah.  That's my deal.  I've covered the big changes in the last three posts: a baby, a fixer-upper, and school.  Now that we're all clear on that, time to move on with life unfolding. What big things do you have going on?  When were things most hectic for you, would you pile it all on again?  And I do promise to let you know if I ever have an answer to that myself.....


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