Life Be Crazy

I know.  I've been a horrible blogger.  But if it's any consolation...I've been an even worse sew-er.  You see, dear friends, this is what our sewing/dining/crafting/boardgaming/computer room looks like:

And it's pouring into our living room and kitchen too.  We are getting ready for a huge yard sale this weekend, so let me know if you see anything you want.  It's too soon for me to give up anything I've sewn (*ahem*), but I know that day will come, right?

I once read an eyeopening entry on a blog (that I regret not bookmarking) where she talked about donating some of her selfmade clothes to Goodwill.   That's when I realized one day I'll purge any less than perfect project, but for now that seems weird to me.  I'm such a new sew-er that everything handmade is darling and wonderful and worthy of saving from the scrapheap, but there must come a time when that switches over, right?  Have you hit that wall?  Early projects that just had to go, or whose trends faded away like acid wash?


Revisiting the Tenth Dress

After a weekend of reflection, feedback, and winning (more on that later) I am back with a renewed spirit and plans for the Tenth Dress!

As you may recall the Little House on the Prairie fabric I originally choose became totally washed out in the pre-rinse.  I asked for feedback and the sagest advice I received was some replica watch spam, so I scrapped that fabric and moved on to Plan B.  But before I do that, let's revisit that "winning" part since that is what ultimately got me here...

...This past weekend my roller derby team, the Reservoir Dolls, won the championship bout of the season!  I can't tell you how thrilling this is.  We have worked so hard and so long for the past year(s) and consistent training and strength of will really paid off for us.  Now, we have the sexiest of sexy trophies to show for it...the Leg!

Photo Credit: Pappa-razzi

It was a particularly adversarial year for the Res Dolls and I am so proud that we rose above injury of body and reputation to be the best we could be, which is all we ever asked of one another on and off the track.  I am so proud.

What does all of this have to do with the Tenth Dress, you ask?  Instead of Little House on the Prairie, I'm changing fabric gears and going full out Reservoir Doll.  Our uniforms are black and white, with ties.  Always looking so professional.  This is a girlie girl dress, which the Res Dolls are not, but I can always squeeze a little more roller derby into my life.  Plus, as I'm making this dress, I can share some of the team lore with you.  We're going from washed out roses to black and white.  This dress is going to be full black poplin, with the button strip in contrasting white poplin.  Like a tie.  Can you see it?

 Aside from our first place victory, this is the perfect way to mark the end the season.  CanIgettaBanBangonThree?  BANG! BANG!  (That's a cheer we do.  I told you, get ready for it.)



If you'll remember this fabric, a simple 100% cotton, bled like crazy on the first prewash.  On the second, things took a turn for the worse.  Instead of bleeding, the red dye damn near ran.  I never got a "before" photo, but I think it's pretty obvious.  The print has lost it's vividness. 

The fabric already looks over loved and I've never even worn it yet!  *sigh*  A friend suggested I take it back to the fabric shop, but then what's to stop this from happening again later?

What I loved so much about this fabric with this dress pattern was the "Little House on the Prairie"ness of it all.  I loved loved loved those Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a kid.  Of all the pages and totally engaging stories, though, two stand out.  They are funny and small, but they are easily the first things that come to mind when I think about these books: when they make maple candy and whenever the girls go shopping for calico fabric.  To this day I love maple candy.  And I think this fabric made me think of those trips to the General Store.  I know that sounds a little over dramatic, and I've over analyzing this thought enough that I am confident that this isn't some weird aging nostalgia.  But still, I wonder:  WWLauraD?  Do I salvage or start over?


The Tenth Dress Revealed!

Dun-dun-dun!  Here she is:

Another Cynthia Rowley pattern.  And I have another in the cue yet!  I love these!  Originally I saw this dress and immediately thought of my friend, Lauren.  It would be adorable on her!  And I was right...When I showed her, she immediately responded saying she'd make seven, one for every day of the week.  But she hasn't done that yet, so when I'm done, I'm passing this pattern along to Lauren so she can get started on her ambitious wardrobe plans.  Because what she needs is more projects.  But I'll confess I just had to get one in first, because let's face it, how cute is this dress??

I like it because it's sweet and modest, but no where near frumpy.   The reviews talk about how small the armholes are, which seems like a nice thing too.  I'm not as advanced a sew-er to consider these things when picking a pattern, but I'll look forward to them when I learn about these things.



Tenth Dress Fabric, with a side of Bad Pre-Wash

Hola!  Time to start the Tenth Dress.  Double digits, I'm a big girl now!  With only two months left and a million dresses I want to sew, I guess I'll keep this experiment up beyond a year...though I am looking forward to sewing things other than dresses for a bit...but for now, onward with the dresses.

As you may have guessed I've already hit a little snag-a-roo on this dress.  The prewash.  And now my husband will know the whole story....

I threw in a load of whites, along with my new fabric, into the washer.  Mid-spin cycle I went back in the laundry room for some reason and notice the water from the washer was running pink.  Crapcrapcrap.  Stop the washer, and there it is: pink underwear, pink undershirts, pink oxfords, pink socks.  I hadn't done this since 6th grade and I thought I learned my lesson for life!  Well, maybe not.  Here is the fabric I was prewashing with my whites.  Oopsies!:

This is post-bleed, obviously.  And not a white fabric, obviously.  Damnit.  Why am I so impatient?  I swear, aside from this incident and this past one, I'm actually a very capable laundry washer.  It's just been a bad year.

In my non-defense, I also found a pair of red underwear (the type our good friend Karl would eschew) in the wash.  Too much information?  Perhaps.  Too many variables to squarely place the blame on this cute new fabric?  Definitely.

So I'm washing the fabric again.  I think the bleeding fabric could still work, but I'll see how much of the dye I can get out in pre-wash, round two, flying solo.  Dress reveal manana!