If you'll remember this fabric, a simple 100% cotton, bled like crazy on the first prewash.  On the second, things took a turn for the worse.  Instead of bleeding, the red dye damn near ran.  I never got a "before" photo, but I think it's pretty obvious.  The print has lost it's vividness. 

The fabric already looks over loved and I've never even worn it yet!  *sigh*  A friend suggested I take it back to the fabric shop, but then what's to stop this from happening again later?

What I loved so much about this fabric with this dress pattern was the "Little House on the Prairie"ness of it all.  I loved loved loved those Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a kid.  Of all the pages and totally engaging stories, though, two stand out.  They are funny and small, but they are easily the first things that come to mind when I think about these books: when they make maple candy and whenever the girls go shopping for calico fabric.  To this day I love maple candy.  And I think this fabric made me think of those trips to the General Store.  I know that sounds a little over dramatic, and I've over analyzing this thought enough that I am confident that this isn't some weird aging nostalgia.  But still, I wonder:  WWLauraD?  Do I salvage or start over?

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