The Tenth Dress Revealed!

Dun-dun-dun!  Here she is:

Another Cynthia Rowley pattern.  And I have another in the cue yet!  I love these!  Originally I saw this dress and immediately thought of my friend, Lauren.  It would be adorable on her!  And I was right...When I showed her, she immediately responded saying she'd make seven, one for every day of the week.  But she hasn't done that yet, so when I'm done, I'm passing this pattern along to Lauren so she can get started on her ambitious wardrobe plans.  Because what she needs is more projects.  But I'll confess I just had to get one in first, because let's face it, how cute is this dress??

I like it because it's sweet and modest, but no where near frumpy.   The reviews talk about how small the armholes are, which seems like a nice thing too.  I'm not as advanced a sew-er to consider these things when picking a pattern, but I'll look forward to them when I learn about these things.


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