Tenth Dress Fabric, with a side of Bad Pre-Wash

Hola!  Time to start the Tenth Dress.  Double digits, I'm a big girl now!  With only two months left and a million dresses I want to sew, I guess I'll keep this experiment up beyond a year...though I am looking forward to sewing things other than dresses for a bit...but for now, onward with the dresses.

As you may have guessed I've already hit a little snag-a-roo on this dress.  The prewash.  And now my husband will know the whole story....

I threw in a load of whites, along with my new fabric, into the washer.  Mid-spin cycle I went back in the laundry room for some reason and notice the water from the washer was running pink.  Crapcrapcrap.  Stop the washer, and there it is: pink underwear, pink undershirts, pink oxfords, pink socks.  I hadn't done this since 6th grade and I thought I learned my lesson for life!  Well, maybe not.  Here is the fabric I was prewashing with my whites.  Oopsies!:

This is post-bleed, obviously.  And not a white fabric, obviously.  Damnit.  Why am I so impatient?  I swear, aside from this incident and this past one, I'm actually a very capable laundry washer.  It's just been a bad year.

In my non-defense, I also found a pair of red underwear (the type our good friend Karl would eschew) in the wash.  Too much information?  Perhaps.  Too many variables to squarely place the blame on this cute new fabric?  Definitely.

So I'm washing the fabric again.  I think the bleeding fabric could still work, but I'll see how much of the dye I can get out in pre-wash, round two, flying solo.  Dress reveal manana!


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