Revisiting the Tenth Dress

After a weekend of reflection, feedback, and winning (more on that later) I am back with a renewed spirit and plans for the Tenth Dress!

As you may recall the Little House on the Prairie fabric I originally choose became totally washed out in the pre-rinse.  I asked for feedback and the sagest advice I received was some replica watch spam, so I scrapped that fabric and moved on to Plan B.  But before I do that, let's revisit that "winning" part since that is what ultimately got me here...

...This past weekend my roller derby team, the Reservoir Dolls, won the championship bout of the season!  I can't tell you how thrilling this is.  We have worked so hard and so long for the past year(s) and consistent training and strength of will really paid off for us.  Now, we have the sexiest of sexy trophies to show for it...the Leg!

Photo Credit: Pappa-razzi

It was a particularly adversarial year for the Res Dolls and I am so proud that we rose above injury of body and reputation to be the best we could be, which is all we ever asked of one another on and off the track.  I am so proud.

What does all of this have to do with the Tenth Dress, you ask?  Instead of Little House on the Prairie, I'm changing fabric gears and going full out Reservoir Doll.  Our uniforms are black and white, with ties.  Always looking so professional.  This is a girlie girl dress, which the Res Dolls are not, but I can always squeeze a little more roller derby into my life.  Plus, as I'm making this dress, I can share some of the team lore with you.  We're going from washed out roses to black and white.  This dress is going to be full black poplin, with the button strip in contrasting white poplin.  Like a tie.  Can you see it?

 Aside from our first place victory, this is the perfect way to mark the end the season.  CanIgettaBanBangonThree?  BANG! BANG!  (That's a cheer we do.  I told you, get ready for it.)


  1. Congrats Sandy. I know the importance of winning the "leg" for you and your team. You are all to be congratulated. Glad you made it through the year without broken legs, arms or any other really necessary limb!!

    Hope this note finds you both well and Looking forward to the Summer months.

    Love you both,

    Dad Mouras

  2. Congrats on the win. The team looked great! Adversarial year? It wasn't visible as a fan watching the game - that's a good thing.

  3. There could not be a prouder mother on the planet. Congrats to the whole team.
    Momma Bleep

  4. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog from another one, so I'm a new follower. I couldn't help but notice this Cynthia Rowley dress for one, I love this pattern. I will be adding it to my collection. I think your 12 dress challenge is a great idea!


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