Life Be Crazy

I know.  I've been a horrible blogger.  But if it's any consolation...I've been an even worse sew-er.  You see, dear friends, this is what our sewing/dining/crafting/boardgaming/computer room looks like:

And it's pouring into our living room and kitchen too.  We are getting ready for a huge yard sale this weekend, so let me know if you see anything you want.  It's too soon for me to give up anything I've sewn (*ahem*), but I know that day will come, right?

I once read an eyeopening entry on a blog (that I regret not bookmarking) where she talked about donating some of her selfmade clothes to Goodwill.   That's when I realized one day I'll purge any less than perfect project, but for now that seems weird to me.  I'm such a new sew-er that everything handmade is darling and wonderful and worthy of saving from the scrapheap, but there must come a time when that switches over, right?  Have you hit that wall?  Early projects that just had to go, or whose trends faded away like acid wash?


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  4. Oh Dear, I understand you so much... even though I am not a sew-er, I am a fashion addict... But I also still feel that any simple necklace I get is so precious to me, because it's part of a whole style that I made... You will donate when you are ready to do it... It should come from your heart, if you don't feel like it now don't do it because it won't be of any help...


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