Started the Sewing...

I'll take care of the lining I'm missing later.  For now, I sew!  Since I won't be lining the bodice anyway, I say let's get started...

Oh!  I finally took a good picture of this fabric.  I don't think any of the other picture captured the vividness of the print, but we had sun yesterday, and it was glorious!

I love it.  And it's a good thing because this is a bear to sew with.  Sooooo stretchy....you're going along, sewing with right sides together...all you see is this vaguely colorful, mostly grayish coming together, getting caught in the bobbin feed hole (or whatever it's called).  It's awful.  But when it's done, you turn the fabric right side out and, ahhhh, you forget all the pain.  I'm pretty sure it's exactly like childbirth.  All the pain of labor, but then you see the baby.  Yes, I'm sure sewing stretchy fabric is exactly like giving birth.

I haven't gotten very far.  Just the bodice, but there was a little detail to the dress I had overlooked on the pattern envelope.  There is a little 'tuck' on the sleeves.  Intrigue!

So here's the bodice all put together.  I am not going to worry that the stripes don't match up.  I hadn't even though about it for these pattern pieces.  Sheesh.  Amateur.

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