Rogue Lining Strikes Again!

The deviant powers of the world that control the ebb and flow between lining fabric and moi must not happy.   While waiting for the lining for the Seventh Dress to come in (still), I am once again sabotaged.

When I ordered the beautiful stretch that is this month's fabric, I also added some similiarly stretchy black fabric to the cart as a lining.  But instead of three yards of a black rayon knit thing, I received three yards of black cotton.  Frowny.

I called Fabric.com to let them know about the mix-up and to their credit: they were wonderful.  I was never on hold, no questions asked, loved it.  Two minutes, tops.  That is customer service at it's best.   The fabric I was supposed to get is already on it's way, so I guess now all I need is some confidence I was right to begin with.

Povre Sandy, what do you mean?

Well, receiving this fabric feels kind of like a Freudian Slip on the part of Fabric.com.  The pattern I'm using for this dress (Butterick 5546) calls for nothing more than a moderate stretch knit.  Does this stretch look "moderate" to you?

So getting this mispicked cotton was like a "whoa, Stretch Fabric, calm down" from the universe.  I feel like I shouldn't be so uptight about this, but I really love this fabric and want this dress to work.

Have you ever made a pattern with overly stretchy fabric?  How did that turn out?  Do you have any tips on how to stabilize the neckline so the stretch doesn't plunge into cleavage-y oblivion?   Or do I not have to worry about a sagging dress at all?

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  1. Lots of laughing happening on my part. I wish I could answer your questions. I believe you have reached the depths of my knowledge and will need to venture alone....


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