Off to the Circus!

Yesterday I posted that I was hoping to wrap up this dress before date night with the man this evening.  Not only did I have time to finish the dress, but I'm blogging about it too.  It's amazing what you can accomplish when you skip roller derby practice!

Speaking of roller derby, every now and then I have a small aside about how my team, the Reservoir Dolls, are doing.  You should know (!!!!!) that we won our semifinals this past Saturday and we're on our way to the championship round in TWO WEEKS!  May 7th.  Circle that dates, folks.  This is seriously exciting.  The team did great!  No more skipping practice though....but for now, back to the dress...

I just had to finish narrow hemming the lining.  Well, wait, back up...I had to undo the travesty that was part of the narrow hemming where one of the dress sashes comes in.

Please don't ask me to explain the picture above.  No, I don't know which side is up, or where that sash end is meant to be coming from.  And no, I don't know how this happened.  Well, I do a little bit.  Again, this fabric is too stretchy and light for this dress.  The sash is folded into the hem in a certain way, and when the sash is supposed to do an about face so it can be wrapped around your body, the fabric pulls all weird.  I seam ripped and resewed and STILL ended up with the same results.  But then I realized something wonderful.  This sash is the one that goes inside of the wrap part of the dress.  I didn't touch it again.  If I see you on the street, I'll happily unite my dress and show you the dirty details--no, the sewing dirty details--but until then, I'll spare you.

Next, I zoom zoom zipped around this dress and it's DONE.  Well, I haven't put in the recommended "stay" button on the wrap yet, but those crazy French Canadian contortionists can't wait any longer!  I'm off in my faboo new dress--toodles!


  1. Love your dress! I just bought the pattern with some awesome fabric. I'm excited after seeing yours :)


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