The Ninth (omg!) Dress

Happy April!  So many great things about this month.  April is when it starts to consistently warm up in Wisconsin, my brother's birthday is this month, roller derby semi-finals, and now...the Ninth Dress!

A few posts back, I was pondering how best to move ahead...what new challenge to complete with this months dress???  Well, I think I nailed it: creating a lining for a dress that otherwise wouldn't call for one.

Now, I wouldn't want to do a lining willy nilly, you see.  I'm not that bold.  But I just ordered some fabric and I think it will be a bit sheer.  Oh!  This fabric!  This fabric is so so exciting.  It's an ITY rayon.  What's ITY?  I'm glad you asked...it's an interlock twist jersey.  What is that you ask?  Well,

Interlock twist jersey is a medium weight jersey knit that is available in a wide variety of prints. This fabric is soft, beautiful, and comfortable to wear! It’s perfect for travel, as well.
Blahblahblah, who cares....it looks like this which is why I love it!

Funny thing about this fabric.  Turns out Feathery Sews was checking out the same fabric sales that I was.  She had this fabric in her cart and removed it last minute.  I did the same with the peacock fabric she kept...held on to it until the last minute.  We'll have to tune in to see what one another makes with these finds.

So now I have the fabric, I just need to pick the dress.  I know it's backwards, but this fabric is just sooooo irresistable to me!  I'm thinking a Kwik Sew or Sew Easy or something like that since I'll be making essentially two of these dresses.  The horizontal stripes present a little bit of a challenge, too.  I had a wrap dress in mind.  What do you think?

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  1. T-shirt dress with black belt.


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