Happy belated Easter!

Looks like I took an impromptu vacation from sewing and staying in touch, but it was great!  My parents were in town...we painted trim, fixed cracked sidewalks, fixed fences, fixed a screen door, took down a tree!  It was amazing.  They are excellent and capable homeowners and Matt and I appreciated the lessons.  The house is in great shape, which was so nice to have confirmed by my home inspector dad, but there is always a bit of cosmetic work to do....

Needless to say it did not leave much time for anything else and I only have a few days left to finish sewing this dress.  Matt and I are going to Cirque du Soleil tomorrow night.  Can I finish it by then?  I have just a bit of hemming to do and to put in a button to hold the heavy thing up (as recommended by Tommie).

Wish me luck!

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