Getting it Lined

Welcome to the first episode of "Getting it Lined!", with your host....me!  Where you take an unlined pattern and try to make a lining for it.  It's even less exciting than that sounds (and certainly a lot less cheerful...)

So I mentioned yesterday I picked up some polyester lining.  It's a "moderate stretch", and I was hopeful that it would keep the crazy stretch that is this ITY fabric in place.

I thought a lot about, and has some missteps with how this lining should work.  (NOTE: Continue reading the rest of this paragraph only if you're looking for guidance on whether or not to make this dress.  It gets a little technical.  About the lining...)  This dress has pleats in the front..should I pleat the lining?  If I do, will that be too much bulk?  Do I ignore the pleats for the lining?  If I do, will the lining move enough?  This was such a mindbender for a novice such as myself.  After a lot of thought, turns out I wasted my time on thinking of a solution.  I only had enough fabric for one answer.  Based on the constraints of the too little lining yardage, I added pleats to the back, but just cut the lining into post-pleat sized panels for the front.  I figured, it's a wrap skirt.  I won't need that extra yardage in the front for movement.  Plus, this lining fabric is HEAVY, so every inch I can leave out, the better.  Here's what I did, while obviously enjoying the morning sun...

Pleats for the back panel

No pleats in the front.
So, I "solved" (by default) the problem of the lining shape, but I soon began to worry about the weight of the fabric.  I think I mentioned that already...

The next step was pinning the bodice to the skirt.  With each pin, though, I got more and more worried about the weight.  I am sad to admit that wasn't even excited to see the dress come together because it just sagged with the polyester.  Just before the moment of truth...

...then, voila!...

No, wait...I'm holding it there.....VOILA!

Excitement meter = zero.  Here's hoping the ties do a hell of a lot of good.  Putting the dress down now.  Full critical review of unstraight stripes, weird sags, and the questioning of this fabric choice coming soon....and this is supposed to be an easy See & Sew!

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  1. You could put a snap or button at the waist where you have your hand holding it in the picture. That would keep it exactly where you want it and the ties would be only a decorative affect.


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