Cutting the Ninth Dress

Today I wore a wrap dress I've had in my closet for years without a single wardrobe malfunction, so I'm pressing ahead with this Ninth of Dresses.  You may recall I was a little nervous about the potential fabric sagging in the d├ęcolletage region.  Fears subsided.

So tonight I'm cutting, I'm cutting, I'm cutting.  This wasn't a mindless cut, mind you.  Silly stripes making it all confusing.  Since I'm working with horizontal stripes of irregular width, I had to avoid the really wide stripes falling across my bum.

Which is why there is a large gap between the fabric pieces in the picture above.

Also, the bodice front is cut on the grain line, so the stripes kind of fall downward to the sides on your body.  Not the most flattering way to have them go, but there wasn't much I could do to avoid it.  You can kind of see what I mean in this picture (piece marked '1' is the bodice):

Oy.  This fabric was not fun to fold and cut.  The fabric stuck to itself when folded, and the stretch made the stripes warp when I was trying to unstick the damn thing.  Good times.  Now that I'm done cutting everything, I get to wait for the same ITY lining fabric to arrive and then cut it out all over again.

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