The "Before Work Skirt"

Okay, the allergy melodrama is over* and I'm on to the "Before Work Skirt" timed session.  This is called the "Before Work Skirt" because it can be made if you use that extra time in the morning to sew and not, oh I don't know, to catch up on facebook and crush on Matt Lauer.

I used Freshly Picked's elastic skirt tutorial and followed it to the t/tee/tea with excellent results.  Freshly Picked and I share the same measurements, so I cut everything exactly the same size.  Next time I'll make the elastic about an inch shorter for a more snug fit, but obviously not shortening it worked too.

I figured this skirt would take less than an hour to pull together, so I wanted to time it to see if I could encourage at least one of you to get this cute little thing done.  To prove it's ease, I stopped to take a picture every five minutes.  Below are the results.  Note: I did not time the cutting of the fabric, and I'll explain that in the Preamble.  Also, I won't repeat the directions here because Freshly Picked deserves all the credit.  Oh, and one more thing.  Not only is this skirt quick, but take a minimal amount of fabric.  I'm a pattern size 12 and made it for less than a yard.  Here goes...

I picked a fabric with an extra trim pattern on one side.  I'm sure there is a technical term for it, but I picture is worth a thousand words:

See?  That thing on the bottom is the extra trim.  I didn't want to lose that, but only had a yard of fabric. which wouldn't be wide enough  Sadly, I had to lose that little bean motif in the middle there, but was able to salvage the rest.  I cut the remaining panel in half and sewed on what was left of the divided motif.  Here's what the panels I ended up looking like:

Not bad.  Now I start the timing:

5 Minutes

Crap, I forgot to cut the pockets.  I used the pattern from Simplicity 2443, but FP has a downloadable pattern too.  Also not hard to invent one.  I hadn't made it very far after 5 minutes.  I must have checked up on everyone on facebook.

10 Minutes

Not quite pinned the pockets on, but I can explain why...I had measured the skirt wrong and had to do some more cutting.  See!  You can make this skirt in even less time.

15 Minutes

Pockets sewn in and pressed.  I'm cruising now....

20 Minutes

Panels almost completely sewn together.  Rock star!

25 Minutes

Pressing the hem.  I like hemming a lot more when it's not the last, laborious step.

30 Minutes

Tickticktick... Hem almost sewn in...but whoops!...

35 Minutes

Bad thread tension strikes!  Seam ripping commences at breakneck pace.

40 Minutes

Elastic starts getting pinned in.  It helped a lot to match up the quarter-lengths of the elastic and the skirt circumference.  And since the skirt circumference, according to FP's tutorial, should be twice your waist measurement, when pinning you should gather your fabric twice over.  Meaning, the length between the pins should actually gather twice that length of fabric.  Like so....

45 Minutes 44:07 Minutes

The skirt is fully pinned and I stopped the timer because I didn't want to restart in in the middle of sewing the elastic on the band.  Justincase.  You can see my handy youtube countdown clock in the background. 

46:57 Minutes

TA DA!  Finished sewing the elastic in.  Another clock cameo to mark the timely occasion.  Yes, this skirt was done in just under 47 minutes.  Are you motivated yet???

Looks good with my pajama shirt, no?

So, there you have it, the Before Work Skirt.  What are you waiting for???

*No it's not.  I only shut up to save face.  Still bummed big time about the pecan allergy.

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