Allergies and a New Skirt

Once again, we wait for the lining fabric to come in.....A heads up, this post has little to do with sewing, fair warning!

When I get dressed in the morning I find I follow three rules, and generally this order:

1) Seasonally appropriate/Warm Enough,
2) Matching, and
3) Cute.

However, when I am getting ready for a particularly unfun day...say the first day back to work after a great vacation, or a day when I have a really early and dreaded doctor's appointment...the order changes quite a bit:

1) Cute.

And today was one of those days.  I had an early and dreaded appointment with an allergist.  Something seasonal has been driving me crizz-azy!  Plus cats always get to me, and maybe I had an, I don't know, itchy mouth and maybe, maybe, a rash develop on my face whenever I ate pecans.  Maybe.  So I got it checked out.  

Turns out I have an allergy to a common outdoor mold, I'm super allergic to cats, and was handed a damn near unbelievable epi pen for the pecan thing.  WHAT?  I'm that allergic to pecans?  I was told this pen could save my life and I've been playing with fire.  WHAT?  Out of the blue.  I didn't even get a week to binge unknowingly before this was thrown at me.  A nut allergy?  A pecan allergy?????  I'm southern, and love these things: Carrot Cake, Pecan Smokies, PECANS!

A late in life nut allergy of the tastiest of nuts.  Worried that this might be the case, I knew today called for breaking all morning dressing rules.  I was dressing:

1) Cute!

Inspired by my favorite skirt in my wardrobe, purchased at the local The Purple Goose:

and armed with Freshly Picked's elastic waistband skirt tutorial, I set out to make it a better day.  Or at least a day where I had a new skirt to wear to arm me against the harsh world of anaphalactic risks.  Here she is:

The nurse practitioner even complimented it!

I call this the "Before Work Skirt" because you can literally make this if you get up just an hour early for work/early and dreaded doctor's appointment.  It's true.  I timed myself, and will share the progress tomorrow.  But tonight...Tonight, I relive the magic and wonder of the 50-serving carrot cake Matt bought for a party of 20.  I enjoyed that thing, itchy and all, for an extra week.  Oh pecans, we had some good times.  Farewell, old friend.


  1. Wait just a minute, lady. Does this mean you won't be force feeding me pecans??? Do I get to do it to you???

  2. Is the brand Replica displaying an inferior level? Don't believe that way. They are as proud since the originals.


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