Oooo, this is a fun part of a shirt dress, that rolled up, buttoned up sleeve-y look.  The safari look, if you will!  Here's how that happens...

I must confess that I am still absolutely miserable at fitting sleeves.  WHAT is the deal?  Why are they so hard to match up?  Each time (and there have been three occasions prior to this one) when I go to fit the sleeves there is at least an extra inch and a half of fabric.  I THINK I'm marking everything correctly, but clearly something's going awry.  Any tips???  Because the only thing I've done so far is shove the extra inch and a half of sleeve into the dress, sew at a seam where all the fabric lies flat, and trim the extra.  Doesn't make sense?  This is what I cut off:

Again, thank goodness for forgiving fabric prints, because it turned out okay... 

Is it warm yet?  Can I go back to making sleeveless things?  Can someone suggest a good tutorial or a comeback story about how you finally slayed/slew the ignoble sleeve?  I'm serious.

Ugh, and don't even get me started on turning those little button fasteners inside out.  Elapsed time, 10 minutes:



  1. Have you tried putting in a running stitch and gathering them slightly to fit? There might even be the --- --- --- in the pattern to indicate where to baste. Just a thought.
    Love, Mom

  2. I did that last time but there was a LOT of fabric this time. I guess this is what happens?

  3. It does sound like the sleeves should be eased in (two rows of gathering stitches) but the pattern should tell you that. It took me some time to get the hang of putting sleeves in.

    Turning the tab: again, it's one of those things that is hard at first. I suggest using some sort of blunt implement to help push the fabric through. Whatever you have around - the handle of a wooden spoon, a pen(with a cap on, obviously)...


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