The Sewing Begins, the Subconscious Takes Over...

The sewing has begun!  The cutting is OVAH!  Oh man, this dress has a lot of marks.

Markity mark mark!
 ....Hello, this is Sandy's subconscious.  Those of you who know Sandy will know that I cannot let that quasi-Marky Mark reference pass.  Sandy wanted to be the Funky to his Bunch, the Good to his Vibrations, the underwear to his whole Calvin Klein modeling era.  1991 was a good year for Sandy née Chinery.  Turns out 1997 wasn't so bad either.  But I digress...
Markity mark mark MARK!  With sleeves and collars and pockets, good lord.  But I was able to get it sorted out and fold it up for good.  I was inspired by how neat and tidy my Granny's old patterns were folded and put away.  I will endeavor to do the same.
Um, hi.  Sandy's subconscious again.  How did we just get from Marky Mark to Granny so quickly??
I finished the front panels on the dress.  Instead of darts, the boobs are right on a seam line, so you're sewing a little inverted-ly, or whatever, to make it work.  I tried it on Shoshana though and it looks good...if not a little Jekyl and Hyde-ish:

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  1. I couldn't stop laughing when I read this. The subconscious should come out more often.


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