The Seventh Dress, revisted

I know I still owe you a picture of the finished mix and match dress, but I gotta get back to this other little project I've been working on: the Seventh Dress.

I'm going to stop by Gayfeather today to see if I my sizzy silk came in, but I have a few other things I can be working on in the meantime...the belt and the hem.  God, it was so nice to not have to hem that mix and match dress.  I hate hemming.  It's said.

The belt fabric is kind of weird.

It's half and half.  I'm using the half of the fabric in the foreground above.  I have no idea what you'd use this fabric for as it is...any thoughts?  Anyway, I only got a half yard of it, and I'd recommend a few inches more if I were you.  You'll need to cut four pieces of the belt pattern piece and if you quadruple fold the fabric, it's pretty tight:

Plus, it was a little constrained by the weirdness of the fabric pattern:

I did shortened it a bit, but I think we'll be okay here.  I cut the fabric so the heaviness of the pattern (the larger concentration of flowers) was central.  I think it turned out great!

It's so exciting seeing this dress come together!  Ugh, and I know I still need to hem, but that will be for another day.

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