Probably Went a Little Overboard...

...on the fabric purchasing.  Just kidding!  I saw an online sale at FashionFabricClub.com and scooped up some more.  I'm so bad!  But I did go a little overboard on how much of this Eighth Dress Fabric to buy:

Note to self: When buying fabric for a fitted dress, hold fabric bolt up to self and don't buy twice as much as what covers your body.  

I blame my constant size questioning.  I blame the fact that I didn't pay attention to the fact that this was a 60" bolt.  I blame the economy.  I blame Scott Walker.  And now I have a lot of fabric...but I suppose there are worse things.  Thanks for all the compliments on this fabric choice too!  I'm really encouraged by the good signs, and Kat, I will lookout for the boob moving qualities big prints can have.

Speaking of having too much fabric, I should check on the status of my lining for the unfinished Seventh Dress.  So much to do, so little March left...


Bonus!  Dress Stencils have returned.  Ew, you can tell I'm outta practice.  This looks horrible, but here it is anyway!  Feast your eyes!  Nom nom nom...

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