Oh Hell No

I was so proud that I wrapped this dress up in almost one day.  You may remember I took a day off work this month and hoped to run through a short list of small things.  Instead I tackled on big thing: finishing this dress!  I was almost done, all I had left was the buttons and the hemming.  What happened?, you ask?  Why didn't you finish?, you ponder.  The sun must have gone down, dinner was ready, your sister-in-law called and asked if you wanted to watch one more episode of Rock of Love?  No, friends, none of that.  THIS is what happened:

Attack of the killer seam ripper!  Right in the middle of the dress too, oh hell no!  This is why I used my super dull seam ripper for so long, and lesson learned: this is the first dress I've used this new super sharp seam ripper on since.  I need to take it easy.

I had sewn a button hole in, but the tension go all messed up and the thread on the underside of the stitches looked more like crazy muppet hair than a buttonhole.  Little did I know how much worse it would get.

I did my best to patch it, you can't see it from afar (mostly thanks to the button), but I know...I know it's there.

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