The Next Dress?

Yes, I'm already looking ahead.  The Ninth Dress is coming up fast, and then double digits!  I'll be a big girl then.

I know I still need to finish the Seventh Dress (not my fault) and post pictures of the finished Eighth Dress (soon! and thank god because I tired of spelling 'eighth'), but I'm looking ahead on the next couple of skills I need to conquer for this project.

I didn't set out to have a new challenge each month, just a new dress.  But it turns out I like new challenges and this is where I am so far (Here is a link to the Finished Dress Gallery for a visual recap as well.):

First Dress: Hey, it's a dress!
Second Dress: Stretch fabric
Third Dress: Sleeves
Fourth Dress: A Burda Pattern
Fifth Dress: Sew-a-long
Sixth Dress: Tailored, lining
(Seventh Dress: will be working with a silky material)
Eighth Dress: Tailored, pattern alterations, collar
Ninth Dress:....?

...I'm thinking of doing coordinates, so create all the looks of an EASY coordinate pattern that includes a dress.  I'm also thinking a fully lined dress that has no lining pattern included.  In fact there is fabric on the way for just such a project.  Any other highlights I need to hit before my run is up?  If you were my teacher, what homework would you assign?

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