Happy St Patrick's Day to you and Happy Mental Health Day to me!  Random midweek day off?  Yes please! 

I hope to spend today cutting out a bunch of patterns from my newly acquired stash, I'm going to purge some fabric from my inherited stash (Beatrix Potter fabric, anyone?), and make progress on the Eighth aka Ms Frizzle Dress.

To get motivated for a day of fast and furious sewing, I've clicked through your blogs and sewing reviews.  Lots of links, only one picture!  Clickity clack!   Here's what I'm loving right now:
  • Something about this shorts and tights combo is making me swoon.  Good job, KristenMakes!  By liking this I can tell--like solitary confinement and inmates--that living in this icy tundra has made permanent changes to my brain functions.  Not too long ago, winter fabrics with summer patterns made me cringe.  But now?  This just seems practical for those fake spring days we have here in Wisconsin.  She's totally working it!  Plus, and it's another Built by Wendy pattern, like this little gem.
  • I have been searching the "Easy to Sew" section on PatternReview.com and came across this little temptress.  See upper left hand romper pattern, and then answer this: How old is too old for a romper?  I've wanted to buy one for years and knowing one is "easy to sew" is going to make it very hard to resist this summer.  Just a heads up, Wisconsin!
  • Also, and completely not in the realm of rompers....I need more wardrobe builders.  It was 58 degrees and inspired by the warm weather I broke out the Fifth Dress.  It reminded me I need more dresses that I can wear to work.  This and this and this, like the late Marlon Brando, are contenders.
  • I need a super simple and straightforward cardigan pattern.  I want it to look like this (crew neck, 3/4/long sleeves) but longer...any suggestions?
from thisnext.com
Crap, okay...enough blogging.  Off to sewing.

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  1. I vote for the second "this" by Donna Karen.


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