I Just Bought a Metric CrapTon of Fabric

What else is there to say??

From reading your blogs, I know this is a right of passage that many of you have enjoyed already.  Go crazy in the sale section of a fabric without nary a project in mind.  Wow, is that a lot of fun or what??  You should have told me.

Being the planner I am, the "nary a project in mind" lasted until I was stuck in the fabric cutting line.  Here are my hopes, dreams and desires until new ones come along:

Bathing Suit.  Granny's old stash has a cute pattern Lauren and I are considering.  Sale rack + favorite color = SOLD!

1 yard Lycra blend

Cardigan. This was on sale???  I almost bought this for Matt's cardigan but decided that I would like it more.  Confirmed with the hubbs, so true.

1-2/3 yards cotton knit

Sheath Dress, when the time comes that I am actually brave enough to match plaid.  It's such a smart looking fabric though.

2.5 yards cotton/wool knit

Summer Dress from Granny's stash.  This is almost certainly my Ninth or Tenth Dress.

2 yards of rayon.

View F of the Sixth Dress?  There wasn't enough fabric on the sale bolt for the full dress, so maybe just the skirt?  Grrrr, my overplanning kills the fun.

2-2/3 yards of rayon.

And the far left fabric?  I didn't get a clear picture of and am too lazy to upload more pictures, but I still love the Second Dress...it's a possibility!  It's also clear that I need some new patterns in my life.  I have enough fabric for just a little while, but just in case the bug hits me again soon, help a sister out!

  • How much do you buy when you're stash building?
  • What are your favorite resources for cheapo fabric?  On line/in person...preferably near Madison, WI *wink*

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  1. Your choices are to die for! Good thing I am not in your neck of the woods or I'd get some for myself. Can't wait to see your fabulous creations.


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