The Eighth Dress

So the lining fabric wasn't in, but that's okay!  There's just going to be a little back and forth-y for the next few days as I wrap up the Seventh Dress and plan the Eighth.  I'll go back to Granny's stash for a future project, but I've been sitting on a classic pattern for a few months now.  I picked it up at a McCall's $1.99 pattern sale last fall.  The classic, my favorite, Shirt Dress:

I'm not entirely pumped about making this dress, but I feel obligated too.  I love love lurve shirt dresses, but all the buttons and tailoring and blech.  I'm a little overwhelmed already.  But I've gotta do it, just like a Burda pattern. It's a rite of passage.

Out of all the variations I'm going for the traditional sleeved, collared version:

And now what about fabrics?  Totally hipster plaid?  I might do that.  But I also have a black (read: originally black, currently overwashed navy) that needs to be replaced.  So I want to add sewing black on black to the laundry list of details?  I just don't know!


  1. Plaid is wayyy too nasty to try and match up all over the place. I say black!!!

  2. Right on, sister/brother. I think I just need to be told I'm crazy.

  3. I don't think you should go with black. It shows too many light colored threads and might need a lint roller before every wearing. Go with a medium blue and you'll get more seasons out of it. (Plus, it will look very pretty with your eyes.) Just my 2 cents and it's coming out of your inheritence.
    Love, Mom


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