Eighth Dress Fabric

As I tore through the local fabric shop the other day with no sale fabric left uninspected, I stumbled across the p. e. r. f. e. c. t. fabric for the Eight Dress.  In the section called "Graphic Canvas" I found THIS!

Why wouldn't you want to wear this?  Like most of my dresses in this project, I would never ever ever buy a dress made from this.  But! when you know that you'll proudly wear something you've made anyway, it's fun to dance with the fashion devil a bit.  Plus, you gotta make a shirt dress interesting.  Here are some scissors for scale:

(Damnit, a lot of my pictures aren't saving the "rotation" lately...)

Does anyone remember the Ms. Frizzle books? That is exactly how badass I am going to feel when wearing this. Teaching science and anatomy and how water treatment plants work to strangers in my awesome dress.


  1. OMG! I love this! A shirtdress would be dynamite.

  2. That is the most gorgeous fabric I've seen in a while. It looks like overlaid feathers.

    FYI -- watch the placement. There can be really cool effects, and then weird, "why is her boob sideways?" effects that happen with fabrics like this. Big flower patterns are the worst offenders, but I could see it happening here. :)

  3. Thanks ladies! Encouraging and helpful people, you are.

  4. I'm a few days late on this, but the Magic School Bus is the bomb! And your Ms. Frizzle fabric is awesome!!

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