Today is the 31st, so you know what that means!!!  Eighth Dress DONE!

Yes.  I am barefoot in 40 degree weather, but it's technically spring and I am from Virginia.  Since I'm not seeing daffodils yet, you bet your sweet ass I'm seeing bare feet.

Also, I think this needs a belt...?

And, did you check out my new blonde highlights?  Thanks Blanche! (The name of my hair dresser, not the blonding process.)  Onward....

*Eighth Dress Report Card*

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS:  Very easy to follow.  They are eight pages long, but most of that is hypothetical alteration options, so don't be intimidated.  They were very clear and I would recommend this dress for beginners who want to make it look like they worked harder than they did.  It's like the Rice Crispy Treats of dresses.

PATTERN SIZING:  I wish this dress were a bit more fitted, but I think that's me just figuring out my sizing still.  I'm afraid to go down a size because it's easier to bring things in that to let them out.  It's just around the waist that's a problem.  The bust and length I'm very happy with.

I had my mistrusts about how the bust was measured, but they were right, I was wrong, which is a theme is my sewing.  For a more detailed review of how many opportunities you'll have to get a perfect fit, please see my aptly titled posted called This Pattern is Awesome.  The only alteration I made of the many offered, however, was the broad shoulders adjustment.  I'm glad I did,.  The dress fits better and it helped me get over my insecurity of making pattern alterations.

Next time, I might go a size down and use a stretch cotton for an even cleaner fit, but with a belt I think the slight looseness of this dress with be cinched away.

FABRIC CHOICE: SO happy.  Again, I would probably used a cotton with a slight stretch next time.  The big, mostly horizontal pattern worked really well.  Don't know if I'd recommend big patterns carte blanche but this one worked.

Pattern: $1.99 (on sale, regularly $18.99)
Fabric: $19.49 (I bought about a yard too much, so this just accounts for what I actually used.)
Notions: $4.50 (for the buttons...I had interfacing and black thread from previous projects)
TOTAL: $25.98

PERFECT OCCASION: I wanted more dresses I could wear to work, and this fit the bill.

WOULD I MAKE THIS DRESS AGAIN?:  Shirt Dresses are a favorite of mine and I was encouraged that I could really whip this one out and get it mostly done in a day.  I don't have definite plans to make this dress again, but if I come across a great fabric, I'm pretty stoked to have this pattern in my arsenal.


  1. Gorgeous! I really like the dress; you're right, shirt dresses are often SO simple and flattering, whether with a belt or tie to cinch or not. And don't you love princess seams? I'm a bit of a princess seam nut and tend to eschew other types of patterns.

    Great job -- it looks wonderful on you.

    (As to the bare feet, I'm totally with you. I've been going without a coat for at least two weeks now, and yesterday rocked a short-sleeved shirt for my dog walk. It's past the spring equinox.)

  2. Put some shoes on! You're going to catch a cold. Were you raised in a barn?
    P.S. Great looking dress. Since you have extra fabric, make a belt for a different style option.


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