The Dress is Coming Together, but I'm All Over the Place

So I didn't get all the projects done yesterday that I wanted to, but I did  just about finish this dress, so, um, that's awesome.  Oh!  And Matt and I also bought a new mattress that's so nice we had to finance it.  Aw, yeah.  But anyway...

...there's some of the work I did between mattress buying and Triscuit eating and 30 Rock viewing.  It looks like a dress!  Without buttons, collars, or sleeves!  Yep, I'm putting it all together.

I LOVE THIS FABRIC.  This is really looking good, don't you think?  Can I brag?  I was a little worried that this fabric would look way too spazzy with all the broken up parts--and it was definitely going to be impossible to match even if I wanted to.  But it works, the fabric actually seems especially forgiving in that way.  Yay!

And oy!  There is a ton of underlining in this dress.  You have to underline the facing and the collar.  Tricky stuff to learn to do by reading.  I should have looked for a good youtube tutorial; the last (finished) dress was the first dress I had to underline though and kinda figured it out by doing.  Believe me, I left out the blog entry on the technical acuity of the Sixth Dress and for good reason.  Not winning and 4-H awards there.  Went a little better this time.

And another oy!  There is just a ton of sewing for this project.  It's such a long dress and there are so many facets to it.  Sheesh.  Between the regular seaming, adding the facing, finishing the facing, and underlining I went through two bobbins.  A word to the wise here: In preparation of long stretches of sewing, move things towards the center of the table.  I vibrated a box of stationary and a chalk marker off the table.  No major casualties but I would have been upset if it had been the aforementioned Triscuits or mommy's glass of wine.

Next episode: The Collar....


Triple oy!  This post is all over the place.  I really can't concentrate on sewing I did 24 hours ago because I'm so focused on where I'll be 24 hours from now: tomorrow is bout day!  Yes folks, tomorrow is Roller Derby day where my team, the beloved Reservoir Dolls, take on our historic rivals the Quad Squad.  I'm delirious with excitement.  Heart stopping, wheel turning, body slamming excitement!  And it's a good thing, because my current bruises are fading fast.  I don't write about derby too much on this blog but every now and then that might have to change...BANG! BANG!

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