The Collar

As promised, here's an update on the collar.  I am writing the blog post with one very specific payoff in mind, but we'll get to that later.

This is the first piece I've sewn with a collar, and really that's about as exciting to sew as it sounds.  Piece of cake.  The pattern piece starts a lot a lot a lot bigger than you'd (maybe just "I'd") expect.  I thought for sure I'd have to fold this puppy at one point, but no need.

Have I talked about all the facing on this dress yet?  N00b tip: you can use black interfacing on darker fabrics.  Doesn't have to be white all the time.  I taught myself that after the fact.  But no, that is also not the payoff.  It's not time yet.

Again, lots of sewing, triple layer threat here with the dress, facing and collar, but kind of pretty in a ripple 80s prom dress kinda way, no?

But I got the collar done.  Looks great.  I wasn't entirely congnizant of keeping the edges of the collar even until just before I tried it on and thought "oh crap, I hope I lined this up right", but the Fates smiled upon me:

Bad ass, huh?  Looks good, and the facing really does make it all so pretty and professional when it comes together.  Well, pretty and professional now...I will pop this collar to show you I mean business!   BUSINESS!

Looking back on this success is great because--just to update you on yesterday's roller derby bout (and again, this is definitely not the payoff)--we lost.  We were undefeated until then, but the other team played hard and got the job done.  So many life lessons in sports.  I'm sorry I only just took them seriously as an adult...

But to cheer you and me both up, here comes the payoff.  Just to recap this post: I sewed a collar.  It looks bad ass.  And I mean business!!!!  HERE WE GO!!!!!


  1. Nice job! This dress is looking great. BTW -- was at Joann's the other day and saw this fabric and immediately thought of you. It is a really funky print.

  2. Thanks...Graphic Canvas, who knew??? Did you get anything good?


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