The Skirt

Last we met, I had put together two of the skirt panels. Now they are all done, and looking damn good. I'll be the first to admit that the first one is the absolute best, but they are all shades of great. It's like choosing a favorite child or type of cheese.  Here are the ones you haven't seen:

The anal retentive part of me wants to get some orange Rit dye and color the little white scallops that don't quite match up. But the lazy part of me is tell me to get over it.  And lazy always wins.

Besides...there's so much chevron-y awesomeness! Just like I hoped. It makes me think of Charlie Brown's shirt, but in the best of ways. Actually this dress and fabric have always reminded me of a dress my Dad brought me home from Mexico when I was a little girl. He traveled a lot for work and usually brought me dolls or coins from all the different countries he visited, but one time it was this dress. It was gorgeous and white with lots of bright embroidery on it, but pretty unwearable. Every six inches or so was a two inch stripe of unfaced lace. One stripe hit right above my you-know-what and because of it I never really wore it outside my room. But it was gorgeous anyway. And this dress will be too, and infinitely more wearable. I don't know why it reminds me so much of that little Mexican dress, but it does, and I'm happy about it.

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