Blizzard conditions also = bad lighting.

Oh!  Sassy!

*Sixth Dress Report Card*

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS: Very easy to follow, through the twenty something darts, lining, hemming, zipper it was all very clear.  

PATTERN SIZING:  This was the dress where I learned about sizing, finally!  You can read more bout that here.  I had to let out the thigh region a bit and now this dress fits like a glove.

FABRIC CHOICE:  Oh yeah.  I am so happy this pretty bird cotton has a home.  There are no scraps from it at all, and it all just feels right.  I am proud of my color coordinating and am really excited for a drop dress red dress to be added to my wardrobe.  I would never buy this color, but am thrilled to wear it.

I did not save a single receipt for the course of two months and have nothing to report here.  But since this was meant to be a stash-busting dress I'm comfortable lying to you and saying this cost me zero dollars.  Zero.
PERFECT OCCASION:  Valentine's Day!  14 days until this number hits the streets if Madison.  LOOK OUT!

WOULD I MAKE THIS DRESS AGAIN?: Is it bad that I want to View F next month already????  Can you picture a chartreuse-colored cotton silk blend?  I seriously want to make every iteration of this pattern.  Money well spent.  

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