Sewing the Bodice

Sewing a boat neckline for the first time.  Sessy.  I've always like this look.  I'll be honest, it seems to boost the boobages.  Just sayin'...

ANYWAY.  This dress looks so easy breezy but only because it has a lot of facing at the neck and armholes to make it look simple and clean.  I feel like that is an older fashion, but maybe I haven't sewn enough?  I don;t think it's just me though.  Everything these days seems hemmed or lined, but a simple facing is something I've only come across in this pattern and at choice 80s wear from St Vinnie's thrift store.  Funny.

The bodice is almost put together.  I took a picture of me wearing it but then you could seem how dirty my bathroom mirror is, so instead you'll have to marvel at this beauty, as worn by my dining room table:

Okay, the left shoulder of my beauty.  Nice line matching though, huh??  When putting in the facing I screwed up a bit and quickly learned this fabric does not love seam ripping.  I'm supposed to work with silk on this project too?  Sheesh:

Bad seam ripper.  But again, good line matching. *winky face*

Anyway, the neck is all faced, and get ready for a seizure inducing photo of my beauty, as worn by my busily patterned ironing board cover:

Even the wrong side of this fabric is adorable. 

Note: Oopsies, I forgot the dress stencil this month!  Note to self: get that done pronto.

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  1. by the by, i just thought i'd mention that, according to elle magazine (i think it was elle), coral is the "it" spring color. :)


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