The Seventh Dress! I think...

So I think I've narrowed down my selections for the Seventh Dress to two options.  One I like a little more, but one has less mouse bites in the paper.  *shudder*

The Simplicity pattern on the left artfully covers said nibbles.  (Seriously, Matt had to take this book out of my hands after a minor freakout.)  This is the dress I'm considering from that pattern:

Pretty.  80s.  The style era is appropriate considering this will be my birthday dress.  And I haven't made a fuller skirt in a while.*  I know the short sleeves are a little daring for a Wisconsin March, but to hell with it.  I am just tempting the warm weather to join us a little early this year.  You're welcome.

The second pattern I'm considering is equally daring, weatherwise:

What?  I can wear a cardigan.  This book is from Golden Hands' "Mid-Season Fashions" which has great and not entirely dated fall and spring clothes.  I tried looking to buy a replacement copy of this book so I can make this dress without fear or rapidly increasing heartbeat, but to no avail.  Instead Lauren has offered to photocopy this dress for me sometime.  She can handle the nibbles and I will ultimately be happier making it at a later date.

So I guess I have officially chosen the Seventh Dress!:

*I have updated the "Finished Dress" gallery.  I realized I hadn't done so when I went on a hunt for the last time I made a fuller skirt.  Whoopsies!

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  1. You really should get out of the chocolate business and get into writing for a living as you are past entertaining.....


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