Seventh Dress Fabric

I think I have a favorite fabric design house.  I think if I had all the money in the world it might be Liberty of London, but I don't.  So I have very happily laid my lot with the still-not-quite-inexpensive Free Spirit fabrics.  The Fifth Dress was a Free Spirit fabric, as it turns out...and so was the ivory bark fabric I considered using for the Fifth Dress instead.  Their designs are fun and whimsical, feminine but not girlie, bold but still regulated.  Big patterns and bright colors are definitely outside what's in my store bought wardrobe, but I am enjoying sewing with them.  I really like what they have going on over there at Free Spirit.  Yes ma'am, I do.

So, not looking for Free Spirit fabrics, not yet knowing my kinship to their designs, I headed to local Gayfeathers Fabrics.  I had a gift certificate in hand and a green or blue raw silk in mind...and then I saw this!!!


Can you feel spring returning to the Northern Hemisphere?  Can you feel the rush of Vitamin D, which has been leeching from your body since September August, coursing through your veins??!  Yes, a light weight coral cotton is the cure!  I'm surprised your doctor didn't tell you that.

An aside: Can someone tell me the proper name of this fabric?  The type of fabric with those little bumps?  Thanks!

Ooo!  I'm so excited.  This dresspattern you may remember, has a little band around it that I will make out of a complimentary floral print:

I realize my pictures aren't the best tonight, so you can look at the whole fabric collection here, and really, why wouldn't you want to?  I appreciate that only the coral was available to me, otherwise I may have gone a more predictable (for me) route--Marine or Lilac.  And I'm kinda lovin' on Toast too.

I seriously doubt I will be able to wear such a spring-y dress on my March 1st birthday, but I am ready to forge ahead!  I've never matched stripes before so that will be a new skill, and I'll be lining this skirt on my own.  New Skill #2.  With silk.  #3.  I've wanted to work with a slippery fabric, but think it's best to start on something that will be mostly hidden.  The fabrics on order, but it is also coral.  Yum.  Thanks to my hubby for a gift certificate to Gayfeathers so I can treat myself to only the finest.


  1. Happy Valentines Day Sandy,

    You really should get out of the chocolate business and get into writing for a living as you are past entertaining.....


    Dad Mouras

  2. I believe that fabric is swiss dot. Also, it's gorgeous!


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