Granny's Old Patterns

I have made some major and successful strides with stripe matching lately, but before I forget I just wanted to have a heartful rap session on Granny's old patterns.  I really have to catalog all of them.  Apparently my mom used one of the patterns for her bridesmaids gowns but I have yet to figure out which.  A picture is in transit.

I have been able to enjoy some of the differences in patterns over the year while making this dress.  First of all, they used to print in color.  Wow, nice change of pace over the crazy hashmarking they try to use clearly now.

The paper and the patterns are pretty yellowed and I'm afraid if I keep folding and unfolding the pattern directions the paper will crack. 

When I ironed the pattern paper, it smelled like old Christmas ornaments.  I should mention all the pattern pieces were cut and folded oh so neatly back into the envelope, too.  I will work on that in the future with this cold hard proof that it is genetically possibly to do so.

Something else about this pattern, it only comes in one size in this envelope, which I didn't notice until after I picked it to be my Seventh Dress.  Funny.  I don't think that's a sign of old patterns, but it's significant that it's one of Granny's old pattern and still fits.  I inherited her wedding dress in the 6th grade and could not squeeze my tiny frame into it.  Seriously.  And I was seriously tiny, my only curves were the bulges from my knobby knees and elbows.

Oh, and the price for this pattern?  $2.50.  I put this number into the ole'  inflation calculator.  If this pattern was bought in 1980 (guessing) it should only cost $6.42 now.  Wow, if you see any new $6.42 patterns, please call me.

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  1. Actually, most if not all of my vintage patterns (everything pre-80s, I think) are one sized. Rather than having multiple sizes, you simply selected the size you needed and purchased that envelope. I kind of like that method, but I can see why they changed it.


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