Best Christmas Ever

So, you'll recall I received Shoshana as an early Christmas present.  The sewing gifts did not end there though.  I was promised a box o' fun from my Granny.  At the time, I had no idea it would have to do with sewing and the only hint I was given was this, from my Mom:

Oh, we had fun getting it together.  After we threw away all the mouse eaten ones.

You should know I am insanely and unfairly afraid of mice.  Thanks, Mom.  So imagine my horror when a package arrived from my Granny the next day full of black walnuts.  You sent me mouse-leftover nuts.  Do you hate me??!  I called my mom for the details. 

Oh god no...that's not it.

Whew.  And so I made a Black Walnut Cake.  Betty Crocker.  Recognize.

Anyway...Parcel post took a little while and after another week went by a large, heavily postage stamped box arrived.  Imagine my unbridled joy when I opened it and saw THIS!

Don't see all the potential there?  Then imagine my unbridled joy when I saw THIS!:

Patterns, tens of patterns.  Beautiful, vintage patterns.  Seriously, this was so much fun!  Thank you, Gran!!  I still have a lot of fun rifling through everything.  I'll be picking this month's pattern from the stack, although before I share the real gems I had to show you these hot little numbers, straight outta the 70s:

My Granny, mom and aunt have actually made/worn most of these clothes. God I hope they used that parthwork fabric for the pants on the right.

So I'm about to dive right in, and will reveal the Seventh Dress soon!

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  1. Those are samurai pants! I want some for the weekends.


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