The Skirt

Anyway, back to the sewing.  The skirt is attached!  It seemed to together pretty quickly, but speed was not the amazing part.  The amazing part is that I managed to make this much progress while wearing only one contact lens.  That right folks, my glasses broke* and I lost two precious left contact lenses back to back before being able to order more.  But old Righty did a good job, huh?:

This skirt added the final six darts to the dress and I'm happy to put those in my rearview for a bit. 

The only bother about this skirt was my thighs. Not a bother that they are there, but a bother that I didn't cut the dress to fit them correctly.  But my damsel on a white horse, sewing guru Lauren, came to save the day!  She advised me to let out the skirt a bit in the appropriate areas and how exactly to figure out where those are.  You can kinda of tell with the gathering happening in the picture below, but Shoshana's thighs don't actually exist.  Before and afters, plus all the knowledge Lauren be spillin' coming soon!  This was a giant leap.

*For the record, I first spelled "broke" as "browk"...best phonetic typo ever.  Secondofly, I mean these glasses were BROKE!  They were my "falling asleep glasses" that I would wear to bed and if I fell asleep in them it didn't matter because they were so mangled anyway.  And I guess I also wore them around the house so Matt had the pleasure.  Anyway, the left frame was snapped in a derby accident, the right arm fell off and they sat on my face all weird.  Between you, me and the wall though: they weren't declared too broken to wear until the left arm fell off too.  That is the Tale of the Broken Glasses.

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  1. I love how this dress is coming together! Now I'm just picturing you with a monocle sitting at your sewing machine...it could work, no? :)


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