She's Back!

What's up folks?  It's been a long time since I rapped at ya', so Happy New Year!

When I vacation, I vacation hard, so you'll seen I took an extra week or so off between posts.  Lots of sleeping, reading, relaxing, family.  In addition to this offense, I've also allowed myself a free pass on a January Dress.  Instead will use the month to finish January's Dress (the Sixth one) and catch up on various other sewing projects.  I sewed my man a sweater for Christmas, and still need to review the cleverly awesome Christmas bounty my Granny sent me.  January will be good.  Since you've been without picture of this dress for a while, let me show you how the lining came together...I thought it looked so professional and was uber impressed with myself upon our return home:

(You can see I've made a bit more progress and promise to catch you up on those oh-so-harrowing tales soon!)

The vacation was great, and without sewing.  It was the only full week I had off all year, and I took advantage of it.  Completely relaxing and refocusing.  I'm excited for 2011.  The best part about the trip though?: When we got there my sister-in-law was pregnant and when she left she had a three day old.  Jaimie and Brad are going to be great parents!  And oh my god, this kid is so cute. 

Hello world, this is Wyatt Matthew and he has a head full of hair!  His 20-sided die sits proudly and lumpily in his crib, out of reach of the dogs. 

I hope you've had remarkable 2011s so far!


  1. The dress is looking great! Very nice!

  2. Great looking dress! Adorable new nephew! What a way to start the year.

  3. What a cute, sweet and amazing baby that is, indeed!! Given his namesake, how could he be anything else?!


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