Matt's Christmas Sweater

Speaking of Matt....So, of course, with little time and lots to do I added the task of sewing Matt a sweater for Christmas to my December to do list.  Yes, sewing a sweater.  You heard right.  The Burda mailing list struck hard and advertised a free download for their Andrew cardigan.  And just to re-emphasise here: with little time and lots to do I added a Burda pattern to my December list of things to do.

But it wasn't so bad, all the posted reviews and results looked great.  The toughest part was finding a fabric Matt would like.  I found this gorgeous wool blend online, but in person it just wasn't right.  I finally settled on a great, gray fabric from Gayfeathers.  It was a sweater knit--who knew you could buy bolts of that stuff!?   Finding a matching trim proved hard and I settled on a less than great cream knit.  It wasn't a great color, but what else could I do?  (To my credit, it does perfectly match one of the threads in the gray.)

So the cutting began (The fabric came in a loop, rather than folded on the bolt!  Probably to keep the gauges or whatever in line, but super fun.  I wanted to wriggle around in it.)

The cutting was weird, silly Burda!  Look at these two notes on the SAME pattern piece.  Now that I'm writing this I don't remember which one was right....

Then the sewing began.  It was hard to figure out the size without being totally obvious, so I best guessed (and you can tell...).  Matt knew I was sewing something for him.  Our house is small and with the noise there was no way to keep a secret.  I wonder if he was dreading another pair of boxers?

I did most of the work in a marathon session and resigned myself to the fact that I would not get the buttons done before we left for our Christmas holiday.  Oh well.  One stinking little thing to take care of when I got back.  No big deal.

I finished the sweater, a little fearful of the lopsided shoulders but little else, and took copious amounts of pictures of the final result.  I look so tough!

I went to wrap the present, folding as I learned to do watching Janeane Garafalo fold GAP sweaters in Reality Bites, and couldn't believe what I saw.  I sewed a sleeve on inside out.  And in taking those copious amount of pictures and tons of super critical analysis of my handiwork I never. saw. this!!!:

Christmas Eve Eve and we're packing and wrapping and he is going to have to open his present with no buttons and an inside out sleeve!

And he did, and the world didn't explode, and he even claimed to like to colors.  But when we got back into town he unpacked his suitcase and said to me, verbatim:

laughter  "I think you want this back."

And there is sat waiting, judging.  Not getting it's sleeve turned right side out.  Until tonight.  I finally did the switcheroo.  I still need to get some buttons (I'm looking for real wood to class the joint up) and a sharp seam ripper but...Merry Christmas, baby!

And because he looks so comfortable....my hero!!


  1. ROTFLOL. It's not....so bad...

    I admit I saw that same pattern offer and felt tempted. Paul should probably count himself lucky right now. The only knits I have in my stash at the moment are bright blue and bright green. Grey and tan is a much better choice.

  2. Well, misery loves company if you ever wanted to reconsider :)

  3. Another reason why you should allow me to teach you to knit.

  4. Whoa! You look good in my sweater :) Thanks for a great present, babe.

  5. Sandy,

    You can sew or knit me a sweater or boxers whenever the urge hits. You are a talented lady and I am so happy you are taking such good care of my son.

    Love to all,

    Dad Mouras (alias GrandPa)

  6. I love watching your creations and learning from your mistakes (I got a dummy for Christmas as well but a bit scared to use it yet!) What I always get tears over is the lovely messages you get from your family. You are a very lucky woman (and your husband chose well).
    Kiwi down under

  7. Thanks Kiwi, I think we both lucked out. That was really sweet and the entire sweet fam enjoyed your message. Good luck with your dummy! It really helped me, but makes me nervous when I yank clothes on and off of it because of the felt. The fabric really stays in place.


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