Lauren's Help UPDATE

Thanks for allowing my asides.  But I do still remember that I've been working on a dress that I was supposed to finish last month.  Whoopideedoo!  Back to that....

Lauren came over last week (the day before her forgotten birthday in fact, Happy Birthday Lauren!) and I finally remembered to ask her to measure me.  I was doing it waaaay wrong.  When you measure yourself, your arms go up and throw your bust measurements way off.  Moving to measure actually messes up the whole thing.  Duh, Sandy!  (Interesting fact?  I am an even inch in all of my measurements.  No fractions!  Wait, does that count as an interesting fact?)

Another thing I learned that is oh-so-obvious now?  Patterns give you the size of the finished product on their envelope, not the size you should be for that particular dress/shirt/boxers/whatever.  You take your measurements, account for ease and go from there.  That changes things.  Also, athletes need more waist ease because their diaphragms expand more.  I never learned any of this studying for my Art History degree and am sufficiently jealous of my FIT-graduate friend and her interesting bits of knowledge.

So now Shoshana is going to get dialed correctly por moi, which is great because I really hate having to constantly try on dresses in our freezing winter climate and poorly insulated house.  (Sorry if you're reading this Al Gore!)

Lauren was also able to help with my skirt not fitting correctly.  Here is a Before and After:



See that gathering in the Before shot?  Very simple fix if you ask the right person to do it for you!  She marked the spot where the skirt got tight on my legs and then again when it started to ease again.  I just let the seam allowance out in between.  Man, just when you think you're getting the hang of it, you have to type a sentence as basic as that one and feel right back at the beginning again!

But seriously, Lauren was a huge help and made me feel totally confident in mixing and matching sizes through the dress (bodice versus skirt versus sleeve, etc) and I feel fully encouraged moving forward in my year-long project now.  Better fitting dresses every month!

Thanks Lauren!

UPDATE!  From Lauren:  Just really quick note...  I'm sorry I wasn't clearer when I was over the other week but the pattern envelopes have the measurements for what size you should be for the dress not the measurements of what the dress will turn out to be. You find out the measurements of the dress by measuring the pattern at the symbol that is a circle with a cross in it (is different with different companies).  Oops. 

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  1. Hey it sounds like you are making great strides this week. Between the two of you ladies, I think any sewing is possible. You could make a dress for this person: http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/?p=21742


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