End of the Month!

Holy Crap-moly!  Last night I realized today was the last. day. of. the month.  Of the second month I gave myself to finish this dress.  And I wasn't done!  EEK!  Well, breath in, breath out because I did finish tonight and on time.  All my lazy ass had to do was hem it up so I better have gotten it done.

Because I felt so guilty for my hesitating, I also went through and double stitched the hem and the stitch running across the waist band to secure the lining (a step added by yours truly when she didn't feel like stitching the lining to the waist band the correct way.)  I did this so it would match the double top stitching I had to do to the sleeves, and now I feel better about the (said like an art critic) design integrity of the Sixth Dress.


I'm happy to be done with the dress, and it looks good, but it's hard to motivate yourself in these deepest darkest days of winter here in Wisconsin.  It is a relief that tomorrow is February and the worst of it is almost behind us.  In February, for the Seventh Dress, I'll make a "Birthday Dress" for myself (March 1st), but in March I am committed to a spring dress.  Something fun and light and floral I may not be able to wear for a while but will keep me excited about the upcoming onslaught of Vitamin D.

Sixth Dress Report Card coming tomorrow...and so is a blizzard.  The worst is almost behind us!

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