The Votes are In!

I stayed up pretty late tallying the fabric choice votes last night, and it was unanimous!  The red sparrows have it!!!!  (Sorry Nicole, I took that one fabric off the table after I photographed it...too summery.)

GOODY!  I was SOOOOOO hoping you suckers would pick this one.  My subthlimankinyoual messages worked!  I've had this fabric longer than I've had that circle skirt.  I've always wanted to work it into something, but have been too scissor shy to cut into this precious yardage.

Speaking of yardage, I mentioned when putting these fabrics up for a vote that I didn't have quite enough of this one and that I'd use black fabric on the back to make up for the lack of sparrows.  Well, thanks to the magic of photo editing and my stunning lack of photo editing skills, you will see what my plans are for this dress:



How do you like that?  I even found a little bird stamper for the bodice.  I'm a genius.  I hope the dress comes out as cleverly.  So the sleeves will be black, the front and back of the bodice are in sparrow, an the dress in hot momma red.  Black...sparrow...hot momma.  Got it?

This dress is no longer strictly a stash buster since I have to buy the black and red fabric, but that can be done on the cheap.  SO EXCITED!  Off to le fabric shop!

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  1. Looks like it should be pretty nice! I totally forgot to vote, but it looks mike my mental vibes were sent your way, as that was going to be it.


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